UA student to challenge longtime incumbent for City Council seat

Sam Badger, a UA sophomore, is running against council member Kip Tyner for the District 5 slot

The qualifying period for Tuscaloosa elections closed today, and UA student Sam Badger is on the ballot. 

Badger, a 19-year old from Michigan majoring in political science and economics, announced his bid for City Council District 5 last November in a Facebook live video. He has since been endorsed by the West Alabama Labor Council and United Auto Workers Local 112, a labor union for Mercedes workers in Vance, Alabama. 

In a statement given to the Crimson White, Badger said, “My age and current occupation are pretty much incidental. I’m running this campaign as a member of the District 5 community. Our district is in a tough spot right now. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our streets aren’t safe and our working people are having a difficult time making ends meet.” 

Badger is the vice president of the UA College Democrats and has described himself as the “pro-labor candidate.” 

“If you’re not going to give equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, race, temporary or full-time status, you don’t get any tax breaks,” he said in a Facebook live video about local businesses. “Why are we giving handouts to people who aren’t treating their workers properly?”   

District 5 is currently represented by Kip Tyner, a longtime resident of the district who is seeking his seventh term in office. 

Tyner has run unopposed for two of his six terms. 

“We’ve put together an incredibly large team of volunteers once again and look forward to blanketing the district with our aggressive campaign style,” Tyner said.

Elections will take place on Tuesday, March 2.

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect that Sam Badger is the vice president, not the president of UA College Democrats.