UA freshman, conservative activist named plaintiff in election fraud suit

A Georgia election fraud lawsuit filed on Nov. 25 is named for UA freshman CJ Pearson. 

The lawsuit alleges “a massive election fraud,” particularly in the form of ballot-stuffing, which it claims affected “at least 96,000 votes” during the Georgia 2020 general election.  

Ballot-stuffing, the lawsuit claims, “has now been amplified and rendered virtually invisible by computer software created and run by domestic and foreign actors for that very purpose.” 

Pearson, a resident of Augusta, Georgia, and Republican nominee to the Electoral College, will serve as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. He is the first of eight plaintiffs listed in the 104-page lawsuit, accompanied by five fellow presidential electors for the state of Georgia. 

He is represented by attorney Sidney Powell, who joined President Donald Trump’s legal team to aid in election fraud disputes.Trump’s legal team distanced itself from Powell on Nov. 22 after she claimed electronic voting systems, including ones used in Georgia, had transferred millions of ballots to favor Joe Biden in the election. 

Pearson is a first-year student at the University, where he studies political science and is a member of the Alpha Phi chapter of Theta Chi. 

Weeks after arriving in Tuscaloosa as a freshman, Pearson expressed interest in running against four-term Mayor Walt Maddox in next year’s election. His announcement was a reaction to Maddox’s bar closure in late August when University cases exceeded 500. 

Pearson said in a statement that Maddox’s “draconian orders” proved that “he’s drunk on power and has no regard” for Tuscaloosa residents. 

A conservative activist, Pearson “became conservative in 2nd grade, emerged as a national online presence, and is described as the ‘left’s youngest nightmare’ — a title he wears with pride,” according to his website. 

He is outspoken on Twitter, where he has amassed more than 395,000 followers, and is founder and president of the Free Thinker Project, a non-profit organization “committed to bringing unheard truths to communities of people that have been long been misled by the Left and the mainstream media.”