Opinion | No, you’re not too old to get excited about the new ‘Space Jam’

If LeBron James is going to have a real jam going down, who are we to say no to that?

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Life is filled with special moments that will be remembered forever. For me, one of those moments was when Michael Jordan went underground to help the Looney Tunes win a basketball game against the Monstars to save the world. 

I knew I liked “Space Jam” as soon as I saw it. And if you were anything like me, you hoped producers would make another one. Now, after years of disappointment and rumors about which star would follow up Jordan’s performance as the main character, the time is finally here. The new version of “Space Jam” will feature NBA superstar, actor and founder of Springhill Entertainment LeBron James. The movie is set to premiere July 16, 2021.

It is only right that James takes up this mantle to follow in the footsteps of Jordan. Even though some of the rumors floated the possibility of Kevin Durant or the late Kobe Bryant to play the part, I couldn’t imagine anyone better than James to play the part.

Most people know James for his basketball career, including his four championships and his four MVP trophies, but not as many are familiar with his acting career. Some may be tempted to assume that this is James’ first role, but in fact he has actually guest-starred in five television shows, the movie “Trainwreck” and multiple documentaries and short films. James definitely has the experience and training to do just as good as, if not better than, the great Michael Jordan. James has also helped produce more than 30 movies, shows and documentaries. I’m excited to see James embrace this new role, and you should be too.

In addition to James’ acting experience, there is plenty more to be excited about ahead of the movie’s release. James will be joined on the silver screen by fellow NBA players Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard. James also got A-list actors Jim Carrey, Don Cheadle and Steve Harvey to star in the film. These big names should have everyone excited to see what these master-craftsmen will produce.

Aside from all the star power, there are a few other exciting things we can expect from the remake. James posted on Instagram a video of him modeling the new Toon Squad jerseys, which have proven to be a big hit among fans. Also expect Don Cheadle, most famous for his role as War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to play the villain. This has not been directly confirmed, but friend and coworker Paul Scheer said on the “Clip City” podcast that he was informed that Cheadle will be the villain. 

If you’re reading this now, it has probably been some time since you saw the original “Space Jam.” You may be thinking, “Looney Tunes? Aren’t I a little old for this?” The simple answer to that question is, no. Even if you aren’t impressed by the premise alone, just watching to see the similarities between this movie and the original will add a whole new factor to the viewing experience. Although some of the characters are cartoons, the movie itself will still have plenty of comedy, romance and action for all ages. If those two reasons aren’t enough to get you to watch, the pure stardom should. With James starring alongside his fellow NBA players and other fantastic actors, under the direction of Maverick Carter, this movie looks to be a spectacular film.