Back-to-school tips and tricks for University of Alabama students


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Abby Howell

Another summer is winding down and another great fall semester at The University of Alabama is revving up. Soon, students and professors will be returning to campus and adjusting to their new schedules. Every new school year is a fresh start for students to meet new friends, get involved with organizations and create a plan to achieve their highest goals. Here are some quick tips to help the transition go more smoothly. 

Get a planner or an agenda 

One thing to consider is an agenda or calendar that helps organize thoughts and priorities. Many students will have jobs and several assignments to keep up with weekly, so it will be beneficial to separate and lay out a daily routine to help complete tasks. Calendars and agendas can be personalized with colors and stickers to help better manage time and prevent thoughts from being jumbled. With so many assignments coming up, it’s better to stay ahead of the game. 

Get all supplies ahead of time

Another great tip is to make sure to have all materials required for every class. Many classes suggest other things needed along with the course besides books. Some classes recommend colored pencils, clickers, or other items to ensure students have all the resources they need. Usually professors do not go over what is needed until the first day of class, so students might not need everything suggested on the syllabus. However, syllabi are often available on Blackboard before the first day of class.

Adjust your sleep schedule

School is a difficult adjustment, especially after those long summer days and late nights. One thing to tweak before starting school is the sleep schedule. Early mornings can be brutal when students have not had the recommended eight hours of sleep, and showing up to class just to fall asleep there is pointless. Class is essential for students to ask questions about what they are learning and to mingle with people to share theories and answers. Try to get in a routine of waking up before noon and going to bed before midnight. Those 8 a.m. psychology classes will be a little easier to show up to. 

Get involved early 

One important tip is to get involved with other students on campus. Getting involved with the school community will allow students to interact with others who share similar interests. There are so many clubs and organizations to join filled with peers here at The University of Alabama. Developing relationships with other students who are experiencing similar things can help alleviate stress and form bonds that could last a lifetime. 

Set goals 

Finally, consider making a list of all the academic and personal goals for the fall semester. Writing down future achievements can help set a clear path to what tasks need to be completed to reach that goal. This can help eliminate confusion and get all the thoughts in order for the future. Also, don’t be afraid to plan ahead for the next semester. Many students seek graduate schools, law schools, medical schools, etc. after graduating, so drawing an outline can help motivate students and keep everything organized.