SGA encourages UA to compensate student recruitment ambassadors

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association unanimously passed a resolution encouraging the University of Alabama to compensate student recruitment ambassadors on March 30.  

It was moved to be immediately considered on the floor without having to go through the committee process. 

The legislation does not specify what kind of compensation ambassadors should receive, although according to Human and Environmental Sciences Sen. Karina Collins, one of the resolution’s authors, it should be left up to the University.  

Collins said she would like to see compensation in the form of money or scholarship.  

“I think if they went that route, that would be great,” Collins said. “But again, it would have to be left up to them and what they think would be better for each college based off their size and population and so forth.”  

According to the legislation, the College of Engineering, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Culverhouse College of Business, and Capstone Men and Women all compensate their recruitment ambassadors with either a salary, scholarships or college credit.  

Elizabeth Prophet, the co-author of the resolution and a senator for the School of Social Work, said that the resolution seeks to take “that revenue that students are generating … [and] put it back into the pockets of those who are doing hard work.”  

The legislation says that the ambassadors’ compensation can be drawn from recruitment revenue. 

This resolution was initially proposed in the fall 2022 semester as part of a larger bill that also sought to compensate Black Faculty and Staff Association ambassadors for giving the Hallowed Grounds Tour, a tour that highlights the history of slavery at the University. 

When it went up for debate, senators praised the it for giving a return on recruitment ambassadors’ time investment and mor 

“I see all this the work that they do the time commitment, and for a lot of them are prevented from getting a job on campus or off campus,” said Clay Bruce, a senator for the College of Engineering. “Those ambassadors should be compensated in some way.”  

It was then split up into two smaller resolutions: One compensating BFSA ambassadors and the other compensating student recruitment ambassadors. 

The SGA passed the resolution compensating BFSA ambassadors for the Hallowed Grounds Tour earlier this semester.