Young Americans for Freedom to host Mike Pence

Maven Navarro, Staff Reporter

The University of Alabama’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom will host former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on April 11 at 6:30 p.m. for remarks and a Q&A session.  

The event, titled “Saving America from the Woke Left,” is the second put on by YAF this year. The organization previously hosted conservative political commentator, Matt Walsh on Oct. 27. Walsh presented his “What is a Woman?” tour, where he focused on gender ideology and stated that “Trans affirmation causes childhood suicide.” Several student organizations, including the Queer Student Association and UA Democrats, organized a protest in response to Walsh’s event.  

“UA Young Americans for Freedom is proud to host Vice President Mike Pence, a staunch defender of free speech and conservative values,” said Wyatt Eichholz, UA YAF chapter president. “Students, professors, and the broader Alabama community will have an opportunity to engage with and learn from one of our nation’s preeminent leaders”. 

Some students expressed concern over Pence’s political relevance, stating they do not believe he has strong political impact.  

“I never see him doing anything impactful, so I just think it is irrelevant for him to come here,” Taylor Kruger, a freshman majoring in public relations said. “I’m not opposing a Republican candidate or anything, but I just think his impact has lessened and I think there are way better options for us to have on campus.” 

Others believe the event could be a positive campaign tool for former president Donald Trump, who announced in November that he would be running for re-election in 2024. 

“There is a lot of controversy with Donald Trump re-running and I think this would be a good campaign opportunity for him and Mike Pence,” said Elizabeth Ceravolo, a freshman majoring in criminal justice. “It is less dividing to have Pence come and speak rather than Trump, so I think it would be good for his campaign and rally a bunch of people since we have such a large student body.” 

Eichholz said that creating a space where students can pursue truth through open debate and dialogue should be the most important goal of higher education 

“YAF serves students by bringing conservatives from all aspects of the movement to campus, providing our classmates the opportunity to interact directly with national leaders,” Eichholz said. “The event is free to any who wish to attend and we encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique experience.”