Letter from the Editor: Nineteen Fifty-Six Magazine

Ashlee Woods | @ashleemwoods, Editor-in-Chief, Nineteen Fifty-Six Magazine

On a campus as big as The University of Alabama’s, it’s a guarantee that there will be a story around every corner. These stories and experiences create the backdrop that is The University of Alabama. But far too often, these stories go untold. 

Not every story that is told on this campus has a beginning and end. Rather, those stories evolve to new heights or even new lows. Every walking path, every lecture hall and every building holds the many memories of UA students past and present.  

However, not every story gets told. Not every story gets put in a recruiting video, a campus tour or an advertisement. Countless stories that describe what life is really like at The University of Alabama are often silenced, never heard or  even known about.  

As a student journalist, I take responsibility in finding those untold stories. It’s important to uncover those unseen experiences. Students, parents and staff must know the University’s past to understand what the future holds for Alabama.  

As a Black woman, it’s especially important for me to share these stories. The stories about life at the University that are told to each generation of students include people that look like me. As this campus pushes to create a more inclusive environment, that push must include sharing stories that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.  

Preserving these experiences is important. Not everyone has the same four-year experience here at The University of Alabama. Some come and go before returning back to the Capstone. Others are here for a brief moment while their impact is felt for years after they leave. These stories and experiences can inspire more students to make their way to Tuscaloosa.  

The Crimson White and Nineteen Fifty-Six Magazine have taken steps to highlight all kinds of student experiences. Diversity is not going away, so it’s up to us to embrace it. The stories we decide to publish also influence how the University is viewed, which is why the collaboration edition was created.  

The Unseen edition is dedicated to uncovering the stories and experiences that never get told. Students from all walks of life share the highs and lows of attending The University of Alabama. Every story deserves to be told and the staffs at The Crimson White and Nineteen Fifty-Six Magazine are here to share them.