Letter to the Editor: On “Delete Dixie”

Terry Johnson, Guest Columnist

Editor’s Note: Terry Johnson graduated from The University of Alabama in 1975 with his B.A. in political science, and again in 1976 with an M.A. in public relations. He served as managing editor of The Crimson White in 1974. 

As a mid-1970s graduate of Alabama I’ve often wondered when this issue would arise. Alas it has!

Let’s get real — “Dixie” was and is associated with the Confederacy, the civil war, etc. But it also defines a geographic region of the USA. When “Yea Alabama” was composed in the mid-1920s the national football championship was generally passed around Ivy League and some very large Midwest and West Coast universities.

Fortunately, decades ago the copyright to “Yea Alabama” was granted to The University of Alabama. Therefore this issue can legally be dealt with by the University (none of this “we’re not able to change the words” BS).

To be the best football team in the Southeastern U.S. was a big deal — a century ago. Yet our winning record — not to speak of the two best coaches in collegiate football history — demonstrates the Crimson Tide is a hell of a lot more than just the “pride” of a handful of states in the Southeast.

Why don’t we look at this positively — a “slight” update of the wording if you will. Because the fact is we are now “AMERICA’S football pride, the Crimson Tide!”