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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Serving the campus of the University of Alabama since 1894

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Don’t call me an evangelical

Will Sorrell May 2, 2016

I’m an evangelical, but don’t call me that.I am by no stretch of the imagination a minority. As a white, straight, cisgender, able-bodied male, I’m the poster-child for the majority. Yet there’s...

Let them play: women's basketball faces double standard

Will Sorrell April 11, 2016

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there were two companies. Company A outperformed its competitor’s profit margin by 158 percent. Company B outperformed its competitor’s profit margin by 7,950...

Alabama deserves better than Bentley

Will Sorrell March 24, 2016

By Will Sorrell | Staff ColumnistI love this state. I love its people. I love this University. I love the way the leaves fall innocently on the Quad in the cool of autumn, the sweet, sweltering heat of...

Why Pink matters

Why Pink matters

Will Sorrell February 5, 2016

I’ll never forget that damp Montgomery day. I was on a trip with my peers learning about governmental functions and departments; honestly I can’t remember much of what we did. My mom had found a small...

Evangelicals cannot support Trump in good conscience

Will Sorrell January 29, 2016

On Tuesday, the president of Liberty University, an evangelical college in Virginia, endorsed Donald Trump for President, and recent polls show that he has the support of 37 percent of GOP evangelicals....

Don't let technology control your life

Will Sorrell December 1, 2015

As you read this, you probably don't even consciously realize that you are looking at a screen. Chances are it's not your first time today, nor will it be your last. Smart phones, laptops and tablets are...

Stigma: just one of many obstacles to achieving mental health

Will Sorrell November 3, 2015

"I am proud to attend The University of Alabama." This is a statement naturally proclaimed by much of campus, but unspoken or even opposed by many students as well. Personally, I am proud to attend our...

Student resale of tickets is highway robbery

Student resale of tickets is highway robbery

Will Sorrell October 19, 2015

Supply and demand, we’re all at least somewhat acquainted with how they work. If supply of a good is low and demand is high, the price will be high. Prices of goods affect the livelihood of consumers....

You are not just your resume

Will Sorrell October 8, 2015

People often say, “Your life is the sum of all of your experiences.” This is a lie.As the autumnal breeze swept the pillared clouds across the Tuscaloosa sky Thursday afternoon, I found myself hunkered...

Stop politicizing faith

Will Sorrell September 28, 2015

If you’ve been awake this week, you know that Pope Francis is in the United States, and he’s turning tables per usual. From rolling around D.C. in a Fiat, to becoming the first pontiff to canonize...

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