The Frozen Tide is rolling in

Savannah Prefontaine, Contributing Writer

The University of Alabama club hockey team was founded in 2005, creating a Division III team in the American Collegiate Hockey Association. Since 2005, Alabama Hockey has been making history across the South after advancing from being only a Division III team to now having both a Division I and Division II team.  

The University of Alabama is known for paving their way to several national titles. Last season, Alabama’s DII ACHA team was able to put in the work and claim their spot in the Collegiate Hockey Federation National Tournament in West Chester, Pennsylvania — which hasn’t been done by Alabama Hockey since 2014. The team was able to advance to the Elite Eight, but after facing off against Babson College on March 21, the Frozen Tide fell short 3-1, placing them 5th in the CHF.  

Alabama’s DII team has been working hard on and off the ice this season to claim their spot in the CHF again this year.  

“This is the most hardworking team I’ve ever been a part of,” said head coach Greg Dreveny, who played professional hockey for six years and has been coaching since he retired from playing.  

When it comes to any sport, but especially hockey, each player in a line together has to communicate and work together to score a goal. 

“Everything we do, we do together,” said captain TJ Lancaster. “If one guy goes down, he’s going to push through that pain because he has the rest of the team counting on him. I feel like that’s why we strive and do so well on the ice.” 

“If I could describe this team in one word, it would be tenacious,” Dreveny said. “When your players have heart, skill, and will go out there and run through a wall for a teammate or whatever it takes to win, that’s what our guys really bring to the table.” 

This team pushes themselves to be their best on the ice while also managing to excel in the classroom. With the rink being an hour away from campus, these student-athletes have to find numerous ways to balance classes while traveling to the rink for practice each week. 

“It’s a little bit tough at times,” Lancaster said. “We just have to set our priorities and get our work done ahead of time.”  

Alabama’s Division II hockey team will be facing off against Kennesaw State Friday, Sept. 9 at 6:30 p.m. CT in Pelham, Alabama, at the Pelham Civic Complex.

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