Track by Track: University Recreation

Augustus Barnette, Contributing Writer

In the fourth iteration of the culture desk’s revamped “Track by Track,” series, we dive into the tracks that The University of Alabama’s Student Recreation Center staff members recommend students listen to while taking advantage of the many opportunities the center offers. 

Click or scan the image to take a listen.

While many students know The University of Alabama has a gym and recreation center, many aspects of campus recreation get lost in translation.

University Recreation offers a swimming pool, numerous sports facilities, multiple gyms across campus and group exercise classes. 

These classes include the new offerings of Zen Cycle, a relaxing yet high intensity cycling class; a Range of Motion class that works on dynamic stretching; and PULSE, a hybrid ballet-barre class. 

Whitney Pape, the assistant director of fitness services at University Recreation, said she has noticed the excitement of students returning to group exercise classes in person rather than over Zoom, as well as the enthusiasm towards new exercise classes offered by University Recreation. 

However, options for classes with University Recreation do not end with the new offerings, as free yoga, cycling, boot camp and high-intensity interval training classes are also provided. Private sessions are also available for select classes. More information can be found on the University Recreation website

The recreation center staffs nationally certified personal trainers to assist the UA community. 

Pape said her favorite aspect of working with University Recreation is seeing those in the community participate in classes, as well as those who work among her. 

Be sure to take advantage of the amenities and classes offered by the University Recreation center, and get into the right mindset by listening to some songs selected by University Recreation staff! 

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