‘It is blatant racism’: UA student shares story of arrest on Instagram 

Isabel Hope, Assistant News Editor

Correction: The Crimson White removed the name of the UA student who reported Jamiah Stroud to UAPD because her name was not made public by the department. 

UA freshman Jamiah Stroud was arrested by the University of Alabama Police Department on Feb. 19, and she took to Instagram to share the story of what she said was a wrongful arrest. 

Stroud, who is Black, said she was walking into Tutwiler Hall around 8 p.m. with two of her friends when she said a white woman tried to hit them with her car. There was a passenger in the car. 

When Stroud and her two friends made it into an elevator inside Tutwiler Hall, one of the women from the car — who Stroud identifies as a UA student — also entered the elevator. 

The UA student did not respond to interview requests. 

“When she got on the elevator she bumped into me twice without acknowledging me. Before she got off the elevator I laughed and at which she responded ‘stupid b—-,’” Stroud wrote in her Instagram post. “I repeat the same thing and subtly pushed her and when I did she looked back at me and started yelling.”

Stroud went back to her room and later that night rode the elevator to the 11th floor where she saw the student again. Stroud said the student held napkins to her bleeding face and told people a story that contradicted their encounter in the elevator. 

The Housing and Residential Communities website says “safety features in our residence halls include cameras on interior doors,” but does not specify whether Tutwiler has additional cameras inside.  

The next morning, Stroud received a call from UAPD. Stroud spoke to UAPD investigator John Kern who told her that the other student had to get 10 stitches and “could not remember what really happened.” 

The next day, Kern contacted Stroud with a warrant for her arrest. 

Stroud received another email the morning of March 1 that said the other student was knocked unconscious and rushed to the hospital after the incident. 

“You were arrested for assault third degree for an incident on February 19, 2022 where you are alleged to have pushed another student into a wall inside a residence hall,” an email from UA Student Conduct said. “The student was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital with injuries.”

The email said this would be a violation of Article IMI.B.(1)a. of the Student Code of Conduct, which dictates that students are not allowed to “intentionally or recklessly” cause physical harm to any person. 

“UAPD investigated this incident, including statements from both individuals and opportunities for others to report what they witnessed,” UA spokesperson Shane Dorrill said. “The incident was reported as an altercation between two individuals, and UAPD responded according to protocol. Neither the arrest warrant nor supporting deposition were filed by UAPD. The University’s Office of Student Conduct is continuing its broad investigation into the matter.”

Stroud said this is an example of how “the white girl’s story keeps changing and the police still didn’t question her.” 

“There has been several events in history and present day times where a white woman has used her tears to ruin someone else’s life,” Stroud said. “The UAPD and The University of Alabama created a case and believed the white girl with no evidence and didn’t take my witnesses or story into account. It is blatant racism. This is America, the South, this is one of many ways racism shows up at The University of Alabama.”

Stroud has a meeting with the Office of Student Conduct on Friday, March 4, at 11:45 a.m. Investigator Kelli Knox-Hall will conduct the meeting. 

According to the student conduct process flowchart, the conduct investigator may further investigate the allegations, by conducting interviews with the accused student and other witnesses.