SGA calls for after-hours patrol of parking decks

Kayla Solino | @kaylasolino, Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association Senate unanimously approved a resolution calling for security cars to patrol open UA parking decks after 5 p.m. 

The resolution will be forwarded to President Stuart Bell, Vice President for Student Life Myron Pope, Executive Director of Transportation Services Chris D’Espositio, and UAPD Chief of Police John Hooks for review. 

Sen. Jenna Elizabeth Berkower, author of the resolution, said it was prompted by her experiences on campus. 

“I experience a lot of anxiety just generally being a woman going to and from my car at night. … If there’s no one driving around and making sure there’s safety, I feel like it’s worse,” Berkower said.

The legislation said that the “parking decks have a lack of security that allows for potential threats to student safety” since the decks are open to the public after 5 p.m. 

There are four residential parking decks on campus: Riverside, Ridgecrest, Magnolia and Tutwiler. Other decks include the Student Center, ten Hoor and Stadium Drive. Tutwiler is the only enclosed parking deck that requires an ACT Card for entry. 

Officers currently sit outside the parking decks, but don’t patrol the inside. Berkower said officers patrolling “is even better” for campus safety.

“If someone’s lurking, they’ll see that,” Berkower said. 

Press secretary Olivia Davis said the SGA is proud to support legislation that increases safety on campus. 

“Our fellow students’ health and wellbeing is a top priority, and we hope that this action will strengthen the current safety protocols,” Davis said.