SGA senator withdraws resolution after UA affirms academic COVID accommodations

Kayla Solino | @kaylasolino, Staff Reporter

Student Government Association Senator Drew St. Charles withdrew his tabled resolution that called for expanded COVID-19 absence accommodations after the University affirmed its support for affected students. 

“Faculty are urged to be supportive and flexible while working with students academically affected by COVID-19 isolation or quarantine,” a UA News email on Sept. 8 said. “Students who miss class or assignments due to isolation or quarantine should notify their instructors as soon as possible to arrange for assistance. If students are unable to contact the faculty member, they should reach out to the department chair.” 

More than a dozen senators sponsored St. Charles’ resolution which called on the University to reconsider its absence policy, but the resolution was tabled at the Aug. 26 senate meeting. 

Last week, St. Charles said he presented this legislation out of the best interest of the student body, and he was disappointed with SGA’s decision to table a vote until today. 

St. Charles said he felt that the student body’s best interest was set aside to see what administration would decide. 

“It really felt like the opinion of the student body and what was good for the student body did get pushed aside to see what administration would say about it,” St. Charles said. “My opinion on it is that I need to be able to speak on behalf of my students, regardless of what ongoing talks with administration are going [on].”