Q&A | Sullivan Irvine is your only option for VP for financial affairs

Sullivan Irvine, a sophomore majoring in finance, is running unopposed for the position.


Photo courtesy of SGA. Graphic CW / Leah Goggins

Kayla Solino, Contributing Writer

How did you originally get involved with the Student Government Association (SGA)? 

When I came to the University, Harrison [Adams, former SGA president] had talked about becoming involved in SGA, what an awesome opportunity it was for him, what an awesome opportunity it could be for me. So I applied for First Year Council and I was lucky enough to get the position.

What made you want to run for this position? 

Through SGA I’ve seen a lot that can be added or improved on campus regarding financial affairs. And I felt like I should try for a role where I can ensure there’s proper funding for successful initiatives on campus.

What makes you the best choice for this office? 

I’ve had a long experience with SGA thus far in my career on campus. So this sort of gives me a vast network of knowledge to really succeed in this position, I feel like. And that coupled with, you know, I’ve got a really strong work ethic and desire to give back to my student body.

What’s your opinion on the election being uncontested? 

I think it sort of makes their qualifications obvious, and I’m sort of proud that SGA gives the opportunity to every student to run for these positions for exec and senate. 

What’s the biggest problem you see on campus? 

So I think that, right now, students are sort of lacking financial literacy and real world application of finance that is necessary for a successful life after college. 

What do you hope to accomplish in this position? 

In this position I really hope to increase real world preparation for students in regard to financial literacy, I hope to implement an auction to raise scholarship funding and I would really like to spread awareness about career fairs, job opportunities and occupational preparation.

Any other comments?

I’m excited to set up a council, if I get it, with diverse backgrounds who are ready to put their heads down and get to work.