BFSA continues webinar series

Jeffrey Kelly | @jeffkellyjr, Assistant Culture Editor

In continuation of its webinar series on social justice, the Black Faculty and Staff Association will host an event with Chance W. Lewis and Pastor Kris Erskine, the co-authors of “The Dilemmas of Being an African American Male in the New Millennium.”

What: Webinar to discuss the plight, path and progression of Black men. 

Who: The event is open to all. 

When: Thursday, Oct. 1 from noon to 2 pm. 

Where: BFSA Zoom  

Chad Jackson, BFSA’s president, said he liked the book because it contextualizes a Black man’s narrative within Alabama and beyond.

“This event is important because of the authors,” he said. “I love the way they had the outline of capturing what it’s like being a male and then what it’s like with the identity of being a Black male.”

Jackson said being a Black man can be an obstacle in many environments, but there is always opportunity to grow and overcome. He said he loved to see those opportunities reflected in Lewis and Erskine’s book. 

“Because right now in the current climate, it seems like African American men are being racially targeted,” he said. “So who else but them to bring that conversation forward. It was a very academic look at what it’s like and what we can achieve.”

Jackson said he implores students to attend this event because it allows them the opportunity to engage with different historical narratives while also learning about new ways to better themselves.  

“The Black experience is not monolithic, so you have to make sure that you can get as many views as possible,” he said. 

In preparation for the event, BFSA is searching for sponsors to purchase books for the participants. 

To register for the upcoming event, click here.