Ten coronavirus-themed TikToks to occupy your free time


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Joshua LeBerte, Contributing Writer

Taking care of your physical health during this pandemic is vital, but it’s also important to tend to your mental health. It is often said that laughter is the best form of medicine, so here are 10 TikTok videos to make you smile while you stay safe in quarantine.

Scrolling through online news and watching briefings about COVID-19 can seem grim and daunting. If you need a mental break from the doom and gloom, simply download TikTok. With an abundance of time spent at home, many content creators have used the coronavirus as an excuse to amp up their TikTok feeds – and viewers are reaping the benefits. 

Here’s my top 10 list of TikTok videos related to COVID-19:

1. Gov. Kay Ivey announced on March 26 that all Alabama public schools will be taught online for the rest of the spring semester. Starting April 6, all students will be taught remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Students, but especially seniors, are devastated by the news. This TikToker can relate, and he made this video that perfectly illustrates the situation:


this corona virus is too much #fyp #forupage #coronavirus #onlineclasses #graduation #myaesthetic

♬ Make me famous – onlybubble69

2. All doctors care about you and your safety, but none with the particular style as this one. Though TikTok is prominently known for its younger audience, that did not stop this doctor from providing essential information regarding personal prevention:


Practice good hygiene. #corona #coronavirus #viruscorona #askdrschulman #woah #tiktokdoc

♬ Woah – KRYPTO9095 feat. D3Mstreet

3. Cat videos have been the pinnacle of the internet for quite some time. This cat, Simon, uses his charm to give tips for beating the virus:


Simon says don’t fear the outbreak #coronavirus #outbreak #coronatime #corona #virus #message #psa #foryou

♬ original sound – catlin_serrato


4. Grocery stores can be a breeding ground for germs, so it’s best to limit your trips during a pandemic. In this case, who might you turn to to buy your groceries instead? What if your dog could drive:



5. Being apart from the one you love can be difficult. With the recommendation to self-isolate as much as possible, some couples aren’t able to see each other regularly. This could impact a couples’ physical intimacy and emotional attachment. This TikTok user is really feeling the blow:


6. Optimism bias is, defined by Eastern Kentucky University, “the belief that each of us is more likely to experience good outcomes and less likely to experience bad outcomes.” When word got out about China and Italy and their spike in COVID-19 cases, some Americans did not recognize the threat the virus could have internationally. This TikTok described this phenomenon accurately:


No cap it’s getting kinda scary #distorted #fyp #highschool #nj #coronavirus #ny

♬ distorted – lannieve

7. Toilet paper and sanitation products have been in limited supply for a while now. This has caused shopping centers to teem with chaotic energy as people across the country vie for their TP fix. This TikTok video encompasses the situation perfectly, all thanks to shaky cam and a Nicki Minaj song:


Corona who? #corona #coronavirus #coronatime #clean #panic #fear #deaths #virus

♬ Roman Holiday Sped Up – jacobmartin496


8. We all had plans for vacation and spending time with friends during spring break.  However, businesses and restaurants began to close, and the president wanted us all to stay indoors for the time being. Few want to take the risk of making plans or getting fined for doing so. Therefore, coronavirus is the ultimate vibe killer:


I will put an end to the corona virus

♬ original sound – ianisuglyyy


9. These moms are keeping themselves rid of the disease with medicine passed down from generation to generation: alcohol:


moms are all fighting the corona virus with corona

♬ Why Is Everything Chrome (Lean Swag Rock Wit It) – King Critical

10. Alabama is an SEC state, and we take competition very seriously. Alabama was close, but the very last state to report a confirmed case of COVID-19 was West Virginia. West Virginia may have beat us on this one, but we held our ground as long as we could:


With the overwhelming presence of the coronavirus throughout the world, it can be good to take a step back from the magnitude of it all. To replace fear with lighthearted media content, simply turn to these TikToks.