Mary Washington professor lectures on Southern history, digital humanities


Jonathan Booker, Contributing Writer

Jeffrey McClurken is a professor of history and american studies at the University of Mary Washington, and he will speak about the effect of digital humanities on Southern history during the past 20 years on March 5.

Who: Anyone can attend the lecture

What: Dr. McClurken will give a lecture on Southern history and digital humanities.

When: Tuesday, March 5 at  5 p.m.

Where: ten Hoor Hall, Room 251


Aaron Phillips, a Charles G. Summersell Fellow and a contributing editor at the Southern History Journal, is familiar with the talk. He elaborated on what the term “digital humanities” means.

“For one, what are the new types of resources that for us as historians are available to us as the world and archives and universities and all this kind of stuff are entering into a digital age,” Phillips said. “More and more now you have archival resources being scanned and put online that allow historians to not have to travel across the country and sit in a reading room.”

Phillips said McClurken is a leading expert in the field, in the new kinds of resources that are developing for those conducting research projects, and will be coming to share his expertise.

“Part of what his talk is going to be as one of the leading experts in this is just to give us more information as historians, and especially grad students, as to what’s out there for us,” Phillips said.