Fashion Column: Cooler weather brings new trends for fall


CW/ Scarlet VanMeter

Kendal Aldridge, Contributing Writer

First is fashion week, then come the trends. As fashion weeks in major cities wrapped up in late September, fall fashion trends emerged. This year fall trends are diverse, reflecting the ecceletism of 2018.

“Seasonal trends for this fall include a longer silhouette, 1980s colors, oversized coats and western-wear influences,” Brain Taylor, UA clothing and textiles instructor, said.

Here are 5 of the top trends to watch for Fall.

Animal Print – Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! A diverse array of animal prints are trending for fall.  Prints including cheetah, tiger, leopard, snake and zebra are all back in style. As fashion brands become increasingly fur-free, expect to see lots of faux fur versions of these prints.

Western Wear – “Little House on the Prairie” just got chic. Lots of western wear was on the runway, with designers incorporating fringe, denim and cowboy-inspired boots into their looks.

“Perhaps designers are inspired by the self-sufficiency of pioneer women. Or maybe they’re taken with the moment that America became something more than a set of geographic limits.” Vogue writer Steff Yotka said in a recent article.

Elements that define western wear are going to be major trends. Pieces featuring camel-colored leather, denim and soft florals will be popular.

Plaid – Think Cher in “Clueless.” Bold plaid prints in colors such as yellow, red and purple are back in style. Redefining plaid and elevating this timeless classic makes for very wearable patterns.

80s Revival – Bold looks from the 80s are back. Exaggerated shoulders and neon colors popular during this time made their way not only down the runway, but back into fashion.

“I am happy with the trend back towards 80s silhouettes, because it provides a clever way to use large boxy forms to enable more layers and warmer thicker materials,” Matthew Kiszla, a junior majoring in biochemistry, said.

These exaggerated looks of oversized suits and vibrant colors pay homage to this decadent decade. Pieces with hot pink, neon green and candy red dominate the color palette for fall.

Oversized Coats – The bigger the better when it comes to fashion – especially coats. Comfort meets fashion with this trend, and layering is a must when sporting a coat of this size.

“As comical as some of these supersize garments might look, they’re not just a Joey Tribbiani on ‘Friends’ proposition,” Yotka said. “Fashion that takes up space has political and social undertones – living large has its advantages.”

Fashion connects the past to say something about the present, and these trends are no exception.

“Overall trends are moving to more gender fluidity, where the line is blurred between clothing defined for either male or female,” Taylor said. “Sizing availability is also becoming more inclusive overall in the apparel industry.”