Panel to discuss opioid prescriptions in Alabama


CW/ Austin Bigoney

Erin Braxton, Contributing Writer

Who: The Criminal Justice Department is hosting the event

What: The Criminal Justice Department will be hosting a colloquium entitled, “Leading the Nation in Opioid Prescriptions: What are the consequences for Alabama?,” which will focus on opiate drugs in Alabama.

When: Thursday, Oct. 18 from 6:30-8 p.m.

Where: 159 Russell Hall

Why: “It is important to host this community forum, primarily because drug addiction is a big problem in the country,” said Diana Dolliver, assistant professor in the department of criminology and criminal justice. “In particular, opioid addiction is a big problem in urban and rural communities of the state. Alabama leads the nation’s opioid prescription abuse. When people go to the doctor and say, ‘Oh this hurts,’ and maybe the doctor prescribes them a narcotic, and then the person goes to another doctor, and then they are prescribed something else – that’s something called doctor shopping.”

Dolliver said she is very excited that the criminal justice department is hosting this event in Russell Hall, which seats about 400 people. She said the department expects a lot of people to come to the event, and experts from the DEA and medical experts will be there.

Dolliver will be moderating the event and said it will be cool because attendees will get to see different perspectives.

“The panel is mostly going to discuss how can Alabama move forward,” Dolliver said.