United Way kickoff to begin annual employee giving campaign


CW/ Joseph Field

Jeffrey Kelly , Contributing Writer

What: Kickoff for the annual United Way West Alabama Initiative

Who: This event is hosted by Intercollegiate Athletics, and all students are welcome to attend

When: Thursday, Oct. 11, 2 p.m.

Where: .525 Club, Sewell-Thomas Stadium


“The United Way Kickoff is the start of our annual employee giving campaign,” said Carol Agomo, director of community and administrative affairs in the Division of Community Affairs. “It’s an initiative. Essentially, this is a way that the University fulfills a part of our mission in giving to our community. The Capstone institution, under the leadership of our president Dr. Bell, we connect to those greater messages of giving back to our community, and so the United Way of West Alabama, they use the funds that are raised by employee contribution through this campaign.”

Agomo said that at the kickoff, attendees will hear from the host institution, and with the annual campaign, a different department or college across the campus will host the campaign, and by hosting they are able to give a theme to the campaign and be the champions for the work that they do through the campaign.

She said Intercollegiate Athletics is the host this year, and the people in attendance are going to be called “level one coordinators.”

“These are the people that go back to their respective colleges and departments and help us collect the cards where people will indicate their contributions and so on, as well as in attendance we’ll have members of the partner agency,” Agomo said.