Purdue professor to solve math problem from 1920’s


CW/ Austin Bigoney

Erin Braxton and Contributing Writer

Who: Rodrigo Bañuelos, professor of mathematics at Purdue University, will visit The University of Alabama.

What: Bañuelos will be solving a complicated technical problem from the 1920s.

When:  Tuesday, Oct. 2 from 11 a.m. to noon.

Where: Gordon Palmer Hall, Room 302

Why: “Rodrigo Bañuelos is the leading senior Mexican-American mathematician in his field and in research, so it is an honor to have him visit the University,” said David Cruz-Uribe, chairman of the math department.

Cruz-Uribe said Bañuelos is solving a problem from the 1920s that has not been solved.

“The fact he can solve it shows he has found new technology to help other mathematicians solve other problems,” Cruz-Uribe said. “When a math problem becomes famous it’s because when it is posed it has a name attached to it. It becomes ‘so and so’s’ problem. Math is like being a plumber – you use different tools for different problems. Sometimes you invent important new technology to help other mathematicians create new technology to add to our toolbox.”

Cruz-Uribe said this is the third annual talk in the department of mathematics in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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