Workshop to teach students presentation skills


CW/ Adam Sieracki

Jeffrey Kelly, Contributing Writer

Jeffrey Mark Hurst, learning resource specialist in the Capstone Center for Student Success, will be leading a workshop called Presentation Survival on Wednesday. This workshop will touch on topics such as public speaking anxiety, building self-confidence, outlining a verbal presentation, tips for making effective visuals and helpful hints for any level of speaker. With this workshop, students will be better informed on how to create effective messages that they can utilize both in and outside of a classroom.

Who: Jeffrey Mark Hurst will teach the workshop, and any students interested may attend.

What: A workshop on giving presentations

When: Wednesday, Sept. 26, 6-7 p.m.

Where: 323 Russell Hall


“A big part of college is going to be group projects, presentations on content that you’ve produced, [and] on information that you’ve spent time researching,” Hurst said. “So both academically if students want to go further they are going to need to know how to present and in any kind of business setting you’re going to have to present comfortably.”

Hurst said his goal is to reach a lot of participants and equip them early with some basic skills that can be transferred to any setting.

“The goal all the way around is to do a thirty-minute presentation with time for questions and demonstrations that show you basically a lot of skills that if you took a public speaking class you would spend a lot of time on, but because a lot of students don’t take those this is a thirty-minute presentation that breaks a lot of that down into a more comfortable format,” Hurst said.