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2018 SGA elections manual released


After a delay in the campaign season, the Elections Board released a new spring elections manual for 2018. 

“People won’t be as confused this election,” said Ethan Fialkow, chair of the Elections Board. “Violations will be much clearer.”

The board has instituted new time restrictions regarding the filing of violations in particular. Violation complaints must be filed within 24 hours of the discovery of the violation or within 24 hours of the violation itself. Any complaint filed more than two class days after the unofficial results of the election are released will be invalid. 

The old manual used about two pages to go over definitions of different elections actions that could be involved in violations. The new manual does not. 

The board revised the manual after the University asked for a revamping. When asked about it, Chris Bryant, the assistant director of Media Relations, said it was a routine update.

“As a matter of good practice, election guidelines should be reviewed before each election to determine if improvements can be made,” Bryant said in an email. 

Fialkow said the entire manual got a makeover. 

The new manual is half the length of last year’s and enumerates more explicit timelines for communications from the board. This past special election, the candidate list was not posted until the day before the election, but with this new manual, a “sample” candidate list must be posted six days before the election day. The chair of the board is required to “immediately” deliver news of the election to The Crimson White and other relevant parties.

The 2017 election’s manual also included referenda, amendments and frequently asked questions sections, which contributed to the doubled length. 

“I feel terrible about postponing this election cycle,” Fialkow said “I want to make sure everyone gets as involved as possible.”

The statements of intent for all candidates are due Feb. 19, and the elections will be held on March 6, the same day as originally scheduled. 

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