Approval granted for two new residential developments

Rebecca Rakowitz

Unanimous approval was granted by the Tuscaloosa City Council on Tuesday for two new residential developments, according to The Tuscaloosa News.

“Both developments gained recommendations for approval by the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission before going to the City Council for a final vote,” Tuscaloosa News reported.

The developments will be located at 252 Sixth St. and Red Drew Avenue respectively.

The Red Drew Avenue project will be called The Hub at Tuscaloosa, and The Tuscaloosa News reports it will replace a “series of aging apartment structures” on the street, some of which are currently in use.

The Hub will have 485 bedrooms spread amongst its six stories, not including the two underground parking stories. Across the street, parking will be available as well. Between both parking locations, there will be approximately 412 parking spots for residents.

The Sixth Street project, which will be at the former site of Tuscaloosa’s Fire Station No. 1, will be a five-story, 104-bedroom mixed-use project. Their developer, Clayton Hudson of Allied Realty told Tuscaloosa News that there would be about 7,500 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and 84 residential units on the above floors. Approximately 77 parking spaces will be made to accommodate residents.