Drunk driver in San Diego flies over bridge, kills four

Rebecca Rakowitz

Four people died and nine were injured at a San Diego park on Saturday when the drunk driver of a pickup truck swerved off of a bridge and fell approximately 60 feet into a crowd of people gathered for an event, authorities reported.

“Around 3:30 p.m., the gray GM pickup truck had been traveling northbound on Interstate 5 and was turning towards the Coronado Bridge when the driver lost 
control,” CNN reported.

A witness told a CNN affiliate that she looked up and saw a car flying up in the air, moved over, fell to the ground and heard 
a “big boom.”

Emergency responders found the 
pickup truck on its side and on top of the four victims.

One other person suffered major injuries and seven had moderate injuries, according to authorities.

The driver was arrested for driving under the influence. As one of the nine injured, authorities said the driver was taken to the University of California, San Diego Medical Center for treatment of major injuries.