Saturday Night Live takes jabs at Sessions


Rebecca Rakowitz

Jeff Sessions got the Saturday Night Live treatment this weekend, with Kate McKinnon playing the attorney general, southern accent and all.

McKinnon’s Sessions was introduced by Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer at a White House press conference.

“Elizabeth Warren came at me like a porcupine,” McKinnon said. “But then my friend Mitch McConnell swooped in like an alligator, bit her head off.”

McKinnon’s Sessions did not stay long in the sketch as her final comment got her quickly escorted off of the stage by McCarthy’s Spicer.  “So we all know there are two types of crime, regular and black,” McKinnon said.

The show poked fun at Sessions again during the Weekend Update segment.

“The Senate voted Wednesday to confirm Jeff Beauregard Sessions as our new Confederate General – Sorry, Attorney General,” said host Colin Jost. “Sessions was rejected for a position as a federal judge in 1986 over concerns of racism, but don’t worry! If there’s one thing that usually makes racists better, it’s age.”