Puzder withdraws nomination as secretary of labor


Rebecca Rakowitz

Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination for secretary of labor on Wednesday, making him the first of President Donald Trump’s cabinet members to withdraw.

“While I won’t be serving in the administration,” Puzder said in a statement. “I fully support the president and his highly qualified team.”

The move follows Senate Republicans advising the White House that Puzder lacked the votes to be confirmed. Politico reports that multiple Republicans had 
reservations about him and that pushing forward with a failing nomination would have been more damaging to President Donald Trump, Puzder and Senate Republicans.

Though White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blamed Senate Democrats for the withdrawal, GOP officials have said that support for Puzder by Senate Republicans 
was fading.

Concerns have arisen from the news that Puzder did not pay taxes on the services of an undocumented immigrant who was an employee of his. He has also faced criticism for the advertisements and labor practices of CKE Restaurants, owner of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., of which Puzder is the CEO.