Moundville graffitied by Auburn man


Rebecca Rakowitz

Park employees of Moundville Archaeological Park told the police that someone used a knife to scratch Xs over Alabama logos that are on soap dispensers in the park– an act which is considered misdemeanor criminal mischief. According to authorities, this was likely the doing of a disgruntled 
Auburn fan.

The incident started when a man told a park employee that he, as an Auburn fan, was “offended” by the Alabama logos on the soap 
dispensers. The employee reportedly told the Auburn fan that the logos were there because the park was owned by The University of Alabama.

“That did not seem to satisfy the man,” The Moundville Times reported.

The markings were later found 
and reported.

Authorities are reviewing video footage from the park. They say that a couple entered the bathrooms on Feb. 7, but the Times reports that the two have yet to be identified.