Bill to block funds to “sanctuary” colleges passes in Alabama House


Rebecca Rakowitz

The Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that would create a way for the legislature to block funding for state colleges and universities that establish “sanctuary” policies that go against state or federal immigration laws – namely President Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

After two hours of debate, the bill passed in a landslide vote of 72-28.

Rep. Phil Williams, R-Huntsville sponsored the bill, named Americans First, but admits he does not know of any Alabama colleges with 
sanctuary policies.

“Williams said [the lack of sanctuary policies] could change because he said he believes there is growing sentiment to defy laws among college students and young people who are swayed by the media and other influences,” reports.

Democrats were not in favor of the bill, saying it was meaningless and empty legislation that took time away from other issues the state is facing.

University of Alabama students have protested and petitioned for University President Stuart Bell to make the University a sanctuary campus, but no such action has been taken.

Bell did release an email statement in the days following the 
announcement of the ban in which he recognized the achievements by and value of the University’s international community, and directed them to different campus resources.