Legislature debates ride sharing regulation bill


Mike Finnegan

The Alabama legislature is currently reviewing a bill which would limit municipal authority over transportation services, such as Uber and Lyft, and bring most of the power to regular such companies to the state level. 

HB 283, now in the House Committee on Commerce and Small Business, states that transportation network companies such as Uber would be placed under the jurisdiction of Alabama’s Public Service Commission. 

“If passed, it would prohibit counties, municipalities and other local authorities from taxing or requiring business licenses for TNCs, their drivers or the vehicles used by the drivers,” AL.com reported. 

One of the few powers the bill does leave to the municipal authority is to ban a company’s operations, such as the city of Tuscaloosa temporarily did with Uber until August 2016.

However, Mobile City Council attorney Jim Rossler told AL.com that the bill may face difficulties passing due to the alleged constitutional infringements of the bill.