SGA elections close with Hunter victory


Rebecca Rakowitz

With 54 percent of the vote, Jared Hunter unofficially won the SGA presidential election, pending the rulings on the elections violations presented to the Elections Board.

“We would like to emphasize that the results released, hopefully on the evening of March 7, will be unofficial and will be not be considered officially certified until all violations have been ruled upon,” the Elections Board said in a 
statement on Monday.

Candidates Gene Fulmer and Lillian Roth received 29 and 16 percent of the vote respectively.

Students also voted for non-presidential executive candidates. The following students ran unopposed and secured their respective positions: Casey Nelson, executive vice president; Ross D’Entremont, vice president of academic affairs; Price McGiffert, vice president of external affairs; Charlie Steinmetz, vice president of financial affairs; Mollie Gillis, vice president of student affairs; and Stephanie Gaytan, executive secretary.

As for the legislative branch, 50 senators were elected to proportionally represent their colleges. The graduate school filled four of its six seats in the election. Colleges with open seats may fill those seats through write-ins 
or run-offs.

Keeli Mallory, chair of the Elections Board, commented on the Board’s evaluation of Hunter’s pending violations.

“Unfortunately, at this time the Board is not allowed to comment on pending violations,” Mallory said. “We are working as quickly as possibly to get our report out.”

Voter turnout statistics are not yet available, but turnout decreased by nearly 15 percent from 2015 to 2016, even with every position contested last year.