Three BOE seats to be decided in runoff


Rebecca Rakowitz

Tuscaloosa’s municipal elections on Tuesday yielded three runoffs for the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education, according to The Tuscaloosa News. The runoff elections will take place on April 18, with the top two contestants from districts 1, 2 and 5 facing off.

The candidates that qualified from District 1 are Mathew Wilson and LaQuisha “Que” Chandler. Wilson, the pastor at Providence Baptist Church, received about 37 percent of the vote and told The Tuscaloosa News, “Going forward, I intend to get my message out there about being a change you can trust.” Chandler, the senior care coordinator for the Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority, received about 30 percent and said, “I am fired up, excited and ready to work and push for our kids.”

Earnestine Tucker and Kendra Williams both qualified for District 2. Tucker is the longest-serving member of the BOE and received about 48 percent of the vote. “I am as committed now as I was when I began the campaign,” he said to The Tuscaloosa News. Williams is a patient care assistant at DCH Regional Medical Center andreceived about 30 percent.

The District 5 runoff will consist of Erica Grant and Beth Cleino Allaway. Grantis is the owner of Charming Kreations and Thrifty Charm Boutique and received just over 40 percent. Allaway has taught in Tuscaloosa City Schools for 37 years and received just under 24 percent.