Igniting Innovation grant competition to award funds to local service projects


Capstone Agency is partnering with Alabama Power to present the Igniting Innovation grant competition.

Rebecca Rakowitz

Philanthropic student organizations and non-profits with student representatives are being given the opportunity to apply for funds through the Igniting Innovation grant competition presented by Capstone Agency and Alabama Power.

“What we’re trying to do throughout the campaign is make Alabama Power’s presence on campus more visible,” said Madeline Abrams, senior majoring in public relations and Spanish and Capstone Agency’s account executive for Alabama Power. “We want to make students more aware of the good that they do in the community, both in Tuscaloosa and on campus.”

The first place winner will receive $5,000, with the second and third place winners receiving $3,000 and $2,000 respectively.

Interested student organizations and non-profits are encouraged to apply online by Friday, March 24 at http://www.capstoneagency.org/igniting-innovation.

Once the applications close and are verified, a survey will be sent to students outlining the organizations that applied and how they plan to be innovative with the funds. Students will then be given the chance to vote for which organization they feel is most deserving of the money.

“[Having students vote] engages the campus and community as a whole, in addition to these student organizations [that apply],” Abrams said.

WHAT: Igniting Innovation applications due.

WHO: The competition is open to student organizations and non-profits with student representatives that have service projects that benefit the Tuscaloosa community.

It is being put on by Capstone Agency and Alabama Power.

WHEN: Applications close on Friday, March 24.

WHERE: Students can apply online at http://www.capstoneagency.org/igniting-innovation.

WHY: Abrams feels this competition is an opportunity that students should not pass up. 

“I think it’s a rare opportunity that students have to do something like this with the chance to win such a large amount of money simply by applying,” Abrams said. “…It’s a great opportunity to be given this money to go into your community and give back as much as you can.”