Train safety email sent to students


Rebecca Rakowitz

An email regarding train safety was the sent to students from the dean of students on Monday morning.

Over the weekend, a video was posted on social media showing supposed students climbing between and across rail cars of a stopped train. In his email, Dean of Students Tim Hebson told students that such actions are “extremely dangerous” and illegal.

“There is not a warning when the train starts,” Hebson said in his email. “If the train starts to move while climbing over the rails cars, an individual could be severely injured or killed.”

Hebson advised students living near rail tracks to plan accordingly when walking to and from campus, as trains can run and stop at any time.

Students should wait for the train to clear the intersection, for the lights to stop flashing, and for the gates to be lifted before crossing the tracks.

For more information on train safety, Hebson recommends students visit the Operation Lifesaver website at

“We want you to get safely to class, even if you are a little late,” Hebson said.