Wednesday last day to drop class with grade of “W”


Rebecca Rakowitz

An email from the University Registrar was sent to students on Monday, reminding them that Wednesday is the last day to drop all except one class with a grade of “W” for the full, spring 2017 term.

“All students are strongly encouraged to contact their academic advisor prior to dropping a class,” the email said. “A change to your schedule can result in delayed graduation.”

Beyond a delayed graduation, the email warned students that dropping below full-time status could impact their insurance, financial aid, and/or scholarships. Full-time status for an undergraduate student is 12 credit hours, 10 credit hours for law students, and nine credit hours for graduate students.

To drop a class, students can log into their myBama account, go to the Student page, and select the “Add/Drop Classes” icon, the email said. For a student to drop their last class and completely withdraw from the term, they can select the “Initiate Withdrawal from Term” icon.

“By dropping a class through myBama, you assume full responsibility for that action,” the email said.

For other deadline reminders, the email encouraged students to follow the registrar on Twitter at @UofARegistrar.