Bannon removed from National Security Council


Rebecca Rakowitz

Chief White House Strategist Stephen Bannon was removed from his role as a member of the National Security Council on Wednesday.

The White House has been largely silent about Bannon’s removal, not announcing the change through the press office. Officials have since claimed the move was simply a change made after Bannon 
completed his assigned tasks.

An anonymous White House official told Politico that Bannon was placed on the NSC to “babysit [Michael] Flynn.” Flynn, the Trump administration’s first national security adviser, resigned mid-February after allegedly misleading members of the administration about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador.

The official also told Politico that Bannon was told to “de-operationalize” the NSC following its increased authority under the Obama Administration.

“That job is done,” the source said.

Officials have said the move indicates a reversion of the NSC back to a more traditional structure with military and intelligence leaders at the forefront.

Bannon’s position had been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats who cited his lack of national security experience. He will be replaced on the NSC by U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry.