Auburn students not satisfied with White Student Union response


Rebecca Rakowitz

Students at Auburn University are asking the school to take strong, proactive stands against white supremacy after the school’s White Student Union distributed anti-Semitic flyers last week.

The alt-right group, which once identified as W.A.R. E.A.G.L.E. – Whites of the Alt-Right Educating Auburn Gentiles for Liberation and Empowerment – said the United States becomes “ever more divided” the more non-whites it has.

“White people are hungry for a group that will give them real, organic community, based on kinship, sincerity (rather than self-censorship and Political Correctness), and commonality,” the AWSU’s website reads. “And they increasingly need a group that will advocate for their interests – because the mainstream denies that they’re even allowed to think about their interests, let alone pursue them!”

Auburn University released a statement on Tuesday afternoon that distanced itself from the group. However, the university supports allowing a wide range of opinions. 

“This group isn’t an Auburn student organization, and we find the views expressed in their materials reprehensible and unrepresentative of those at the university,” the statement said. “Auburn University supports the constitutional right to free speech and encourages the campus community to practice that right in a constructive atmosphere with respect to others.”

Many students felt this statement was not enough.

“[Minority students] want the university to make a solid statement saying they don’t support white supremacy at Auburn and that it is more than just a buzzword,” Beth McDaniel, president of Auburn’s Southern Poverty Law Center chapter, told

Compiled by Rebecca Rakowitz