Before I go, I’d just like to say…

Jasmine Davis

As the sand in the hourglass dwindles on my time here at The University of Alabama all I can do is reflect and show appreciation. History, tradition, beautiful architecture; three things that describe The University of Alabama. However, coming out of high school those things described Spelman College for me. Spelman was the apple of my eye; it wasn’t until my mother urged me to come to The University of Alabama that things changed. In hindsight my freshman year can be characterized as a love-hate relationship with the University. Although I say it was love-hate, it leaned more so on the hate side. I can remember going to Bama Bound and dreading every moment of it, waking up going to class not because I truly wanted to but because it was an obligation in order to keep my scholarship. If I could describe my freshman year in one word, it would be dreadful.

Suddenly I had an epiphany one day of the many days of crying I just stopped and asked myself “aren’t you tired?” At that point, I was tired of crying, tired of being upset and tired of being sad. I decided to take full advantage of the proverbial Latin phrase “carpe diem.” I decided to seize the day and make the most of my college experience. Day by day my appreciation for The University of Alabama grew fonder and in the end, my experiences surpassed anything I could ever imagine.

Now that it is 2016 and graduation is a mere two weeks away, I have a new word to describe my time at The University of Alabama: bittersweet. Each day I have noticed myself prolonging my walks across the quad. I am no more in a hurry to get from Lloyd to Bidgood Hall. I take some time to take in the tossing of the frisbee, the occasional hammock, and groups of fellow students enjoying the sun. Conversations with my peers are no longer future-based but have an air of nostalgia; reminiscing on the many nights spent in Rodgers studying for exams, homecoming step shows, tailgating with my sorority sisters and crazy nights on The Strip. As I sit and ponder my experiences at The University of Alabama, I silently thank my mother more and more each day. If it had not been for her giving me that extra push and maternal insight, I wouldn’t be able to scream “ROLL TIDE!”

The University of Alabama has afforded me many leadership opportunities. I was able to not only gain membership into the illustrious Theta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., but I also represented the university as a Culverhouse Student Ambassador, was selected for membership in the 27th Order of XXXI, and served as Director of Membership Intake for National Pan-Hellenic Council. However, the meaningful memory that I share with The University of Alabama is having the distinct pleasure and honor of serving on the 2015 Homecoming Court. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined being a part of such an iconic UA tradition.

UA has taught me a plethora of skills and lessons that I plan to apply as I transition into graduate school this coming fall. I feel as though I am ready to seize whatever life has to bring me. The most important lesson the University has taught me is to never judge a book by its cover because you will miss out on all the wonderful experiences contained within the pages. 

Jasmine Davis is a senior majoring in management and has served as a member of the 2015 Homecoming Court, the 27th Order of The XXXI Women’s Honor Society, Vice President of Rho Lambda Honor Society, and former Director of Membership Intake for the National Pan-Hellenic Council. After graduation, she will be pursuing a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Healthcare Policy and Management.