Baseball club looks to lock down regionals spot with strong finish


Photo courtesy of Cody Estremera

Cody Estremera

The Alabama club baseball team has been working hard all year, and it’s paying off. The club is currently first in the standings while maintaining a 7-2 record overall. 

“We show up every day expecting to win, we don’t prepare to lose,” said junior Chase Brashier. “Bottom line we just want to win.”

The team has more depth at every position and is playing better than it did last season. Chase said the club baseball name has gotten to be more popular and that helps draw in more players. The team also has more people stepping up to serve as leaders.

“The biggest leader is probably Jeremy [Terao] because he’s our coach,” said freshman Logan Brashier. “It kind of just depends on position since we split up at practice and do infield and outfield. The biggest leader in the infield is Chase [Brashier] and the other biggest leader is Justin [Thomas]. Joe James also is a big leader because he works with our pitchers and leads stretching.”

The club needs only a couple of more series wins, after coming off a sweep of Ole Miss, to lock down a regionals spot this year. The Crimson Tide needs to beat Vanderbilt, Kennesaw State and Georgia Tech before everything is set in stone. 

“This is a realistic goal for us,” sophomore Clay Wagenhals. “I think this year we’ve focused on playing the best player who can play and that’s why we’ve been successful. As long as we continue to want it we will be fine.”

The team’s culture has changed from the past couple of years as well. 

“It’s about banding together and putting investment into the team and really caring how we play,” Clay Wagenhals said. “It’s not a social thing anymore, we really do want to win. It’s a team culture thing.” 

The team set up some objectives at the beginning of the season, and at this point in the season it is well on its way to accomplishing them. 

“We just want to take it day by day and practice by practice,” Chase Brashier said. “Accomplish the little things first. The big goal is to make it to regionals and advance as far as we can.”

The team’s chemistry last year wasn’t the best, however this year it’s a big reason for the team’s success..

“This year everyone has bought in,” Chase Brashier said. “We don’t really have individual groups. We have a lot of guys that are friends and it really truly care for each other. Everyone has each other’s back. Years in the past everyone has been more of an individual person. We also hang out more this year.”

The team’s journey to lock down a regionals spot continues this weekend against Georgia Tech.