Project Empowerment


Kristyn Hardy is a program affiliate of Project Empowerment, an organization that aims to educate women on complex issues and  help prepare women in politics. CW | Layton Dudley

Anna Elizabeth Pope

Pamela Foster, a faculty member in the College of Community Health Sciences, will introduce the University to Project Empowerment, an organization that focuses on collegiate African American females with an interest in politics, once it becomes officiated by The SOURCE in the fall.

“We are targeting women because we also think it is very important for more women to be elected officials,” said Foster, who is also on the Women’s Chair of the Alabama Democratic Conference.

Project Empowerment was formed to educate the female population on various political aspects, discussing both national and local issues, program affiliates Kristyn Hardy and Chyna Jones said. The organization will aim to be a safe place for African American women to discuss complex issues and will help prepare women in politics.

“We aim to get as many youth and college students out and registering to vote,” said Hardy, a junior majoring in political science and communication studies. “We also hope to bring them to the attention of local issues and politics. We also will hold forums where we will work to empower women and to get more women working to run for office one day.”

Jones, a sophomore majoring in psychology, said the specific nature of the organization will allow it to work with other organizations on campus in order to achieve its goal of being a safe place for African American women to discuss complex 
political issues.

“This organization is very unique; our mission is to familiarize African American women with politics and promote political activism,” Jones said. “We are looking forward to working with other like-minded organizations in order to further 
our mission.”

Project Empowerment plans to reach women at The University of Alabama, as well as at Shelton State Community College, Stillman College and the University West Alabama, Jones said.

“From getting college students and local young adults to register to vote, to working in and with the community to bring attention to local social issues, I want our efforts and actions as an organization to be felt,” Jones said.

By reaching more women in college, Project Empowerment hopes to instill values and knowledge for the future. Political and leadership skills will allow these females the possibility of holding more political offices one day, Hardy said.

Because Project Empowerment is a new organization, they have not yet set a meeting time or location. For more information or for how to get involved, contact Hardy or Jones through the student directory.