Keeping the faith

Kayla Montgomery

Faith can be defined as “confidence or trust in a person or thing” or 
“belief that is not based on proof” and is often reserved for religion.

Though football certainly isn’t a 
religion, it’s a close second in the Southeast, and it would be blasphemous to say the Iron Bowl isn’t the top rivalry game across the region.

Last Saturday more than 100,000 devout Alabama fans gathered in Bryant-Denny Stadium to put that faith to the test, placing their trust and bragging rights in the hands of the Alabama football team, certain that the Crimson Tide would beat that other school in the east. It was time for redemption from the Kick Six replays that had scrolled across ESPN for the past 364 days.

Though the energy in the stadium started out strong, as Auburn took the lead in Saturday’s historic Iron Bowl, it took the life out of Bryant-Denny

Stadium as well. The raucous crowd that was present during the Mississippi State game was nowhere to be found, and no amount of stadium music from the new playlist that was heralded in weeks prior could bring it back. The masses had lost their faith in this team.

It was easy to get discouraged watching the game. Alabama’s secondary, which seemed like it was finally erasing the doubts surrounding it throughout the season, was giving up explosive play after explosive play. It just couldn’t get the upper hand on Auburn’s potent offense in the first half and couldn’t stay off of the field thanks to turnovers and stalled drives. When word spread that backup quarterback Jake Coker was warming up on the sidelines, it seemed like a miracle would be needed to mount 
a comeback.

As the Crimson Tide began to rally, life returned to the stadium.

As “Rammer Jammer” began, it was as if the crowd never had any serious doubts about the team’s ability to win. As the season continues, hopefully toward a playoff nod and a national championship berth, there will be times when the team will struggle. Rather than abandon the team we have supported all year, keep the faith. This is an Alabama team that has learned how to win when it is tested, but it’s a team that still hasn’t hit its 
maximum potential.

Championships are won by skill. They are won with talent, hard work and preparation. They are won with a little bit of faith, something the Crimson Tide fans and players need to keep even when the situation is less than favorable, like it was at times 
 Saturday night.