Little Raine Band comes to Tuscaloosa area bar

John Hinshaw

For unsigned bands, it can sometimes be difficult to attract a large crowd when playing live shows. As a solution, Little Raine Band devised an unconventional plan to fill up the dance floor for their first Tuscaloosa show.

“It was our first headlining show at the Jupiter,” lead guitarist Davis Little said. “Instead of telling everyone that our band was going to be playing, we decided to tell everyone that Nick Saban was going to be doing a free signing there. Seemed like that would get everyone’s attention.”

Auburn-based jam and funk group Little Raine Band’s music combines multiple genres and brings elements from each one to create their own sound. When they stick to the basic guitar-bass-drum-vocal formula, they create funky, jazz-like rhythms. Almost any instrument can come into play, from bongo drums to synthesizers to harmonicas, to create a type of psychedelic samba jamfest.

“If you put all the musical genres in a blender and mix everything up, our sound is somewhere in there,” lead guitarist David Little said.

Originally the band began as an acoustic duet with Little and rhythm guitarist Daniel Raine when they were around 13 years old. However, as a full band, they’ve been together now for about three years.

Three years of playing music means the band has played their fair share of live shows, with a good number of them being in Tuscaloosa.

“I’d say [we’ve played in Tuscaloosa] about 60 or more times, including fraternity shows,” Raine said

The band members said they enjoy Tuscaloosa so much that they have their three favorite venues picked out.

“Each venue has its own perks in Tuscaloosa,” Little said. “The Jupiter has the best stage and sound system to play on, and the shows there can get wild. The Red Shed is a good one because of the layout of the inside. It really seems like a bar designed for live music. The Bear Trap ends up creating a great experience when we play on the roof with beautiful weather.”

The Little Raine Band is set to perform at The Red Shed on Saturday.

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