Our View: Elliot Spillers for Student Affairs


Our View

SpillersEditor’s Note: The Crimson White Editorial Board wrote an introduction to all SGA candidate endorsements. Read the introduction here.

For the position of Vice President for Student Affairs, the Editorial Board endorses Elliot Spillers.

The Vice President for Student Affairs position should be held by a candidate who is passionate and devoted to the student body, someone who can serve and represent all corners of campus. We believe that Spillers is the clear choice.

In our interview, Spillers was excited about the opportunity to unite campus by creating sustainable relationships. As a member of a military family, Spillers clearly understands the importance of finding a home at The University of Alabama, an aspiration he hopes to instill in other students at the University. Spillers truly cares about students, a trait we feel his opponent, Stephen Keller, lacks.

Spillers has demonstrated this genuine care with his focus on community service in both his platform and his experience. His mentality regarding how to work with opposition is a much-needed, refreshing change to the typically selfish attitudes that exist in politics.

It is important to note that his campaign is not without fault. In Thursday’s Vice Presidential Debate, Spillers came out in support of block seating. However when asked about his position by the Editorial Board, Spillers pointed out the benefits of block seating but unconditionally took a stance against the system. Although Spillers flip-flopped on his stance, he remains the best candidate.

Keller’s ideas have their merits. A syllabus bank and study incentives during exam week, while responsibilities of academic affairs, would be beneficial to students, but beyond these two ideas, Keller lacked the genuine drive that is so prevalent in Spillers. In addition, we question the effectiveness of Keller’s amendment of the SGA Code of Laws regarding Financial Affairs Committee funding. While Keller believes his process helps organizations, we believe the process hinders organizations.

Above all, Spillers is a real, grounded candidate with strong drive and motivation. In addition to his devotion to the unity of the student body, this makes him the stronger candidate in the race.

It is for this reason that we endorse Elliot Spillers for the position of Vice President for Student Affairs.

Our View represents the consensus of The Crimson White Editorial Board. Opinion Editor John Brinkerhoff recused himself from this Our View.