Our View: Laura Gregory for Academic Affairs


Our View

Editor’s Note: The Crimson White Editorial Board wrote an introduction to all SGA candidate endorsements. Read the introduction here.

For the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Editorial Board endorses Laura Gregory.

Ultimately, the Vice President for Academic Affairs is a role of advocacy, as the position itself cannot unilaterally change the University’s academic processes. When deciding which candidate was best for the office, we considered which candidate could best represent the student body to faculty and administrators and work within the SGA to enact change.

In this regard, Gregory is the clear choice. Her academic record and detailed involvement across campus will give her the credibility to fulfill this role. Her intricate knowledge of the SGA, both through previous involvement and extensive research of the position she is seeking, will undoubtedly be an asset if she is elected to pursue her platform. Additionally, the tenacity with which she was willing to defend student interests when her platform was challenged is reassuring.

Gregory’s platform, however, is weak at best. While establishing an online textbook exchange and creating a “dining with deans” program may benefit the student body, her platform did not address any major academic issues faced by students, such as the advising process, the plus/minus system and core curriculum. We believe that Gregory is limiting herself by sticking to smaller and less controversial issues.

Chris Simmons, Gregory’s opponent, is not without merit. His own educational journey is compelling, and his platform does address larger and more controversial issues, such as the plus/minus system.

However, his failure to research the SGA and understand the responsibilities of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, as well as his lack of campus leadership outside of the SGA, lead us to question his efficacy.

Gregory’s experience, knowledge and personality make her the best advocate for students and the strongest candidate in the race. It is for this reason that we endorse her to be the next Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Our View represents the consensus of The Crimson White Editorial Board.