Bonner talks student ticket price change, possible shift in policies

Adrienne Burch

Possible changes being considered for next year’s student seating at home football games include moving freshmen to the upper-bowl and taking pictures of block seating each quarter to monitor the number of students in each section, President Judy Bonner said in a meeting last week with the Student Alumni Association.

Bonner fielded questions from SAA members, which included questions about next year’s seating arrangements. A Crimson White reporter in attendance and multiple other attendees at the meeting confirmed Bonner’s statements.

UA spokeswoman Cathy Andreen declined to comment on these specific changes.

“Each year, Student Affairs convenes a committee including representatives of Student Affairs, the Athletic Ticket Office, the SGA and other offices to consider possible changes to the student football ticket process,” Andreen said. “This committee is currently considering a number of options, but no decisions have been made.”

The price of student tickets was also increased for next season from $5 to $10, according to an email sent out to students last week announcing when they could opt in for 2013 season tickets.

The email explained the cost for students to upgrade their student tickets.

“The cost is the face value of the ticket minus $10 (already paid by the student),” according to the email.

This $10 is the value students are now paying for each ticket, meaning for the seven home football games, students will now pay $70 instead of last year’s $35.

Andreen also cited this email in her response Monday. Students who meet eligibility requirements may opt in between 8 a.m. Monday and 5 p.m. Wednesday.

“You must submit this request to be able to participate in the season ticket sale. This is not a first-come first-serve event,” according to the email.