Local six-piece band’s album to include graphic novel

Ryan Phillips

Chances are if you frequent the Strip, you may already be familiar with a local band whose name decorates the bathrooms and walls of local live-music hotspots.

The Organic Androids, a Tuscaloosa-based band, are a fairly new fixture in the Tuscaloosa music scene. Currently a six-piece group, the band incorporates different musical styles in an effort to craft a fresh sound that transcends genres. The Organic Androids blend rap, progressive rock and everything in between and have already toured the West Alabama area for the last year. After playing venues such as Bo’s Bar in Tuscaloosa and The Bottle Tree in Birmingham, the band has seen a following grow.

“We have tried to establish a strong underground movement and get the word out,” drummer Grant Bramlett said. “It’s great. We love getting our name out there so people will look us up or come to a show.”

The publicity generated via band advertising and vigilante advertising on the part of fans is something the band is glad to see. After several gigs around Tuscaloosa, the group is eager to bring their multifaceted sound to new listeners.

“If somebody knows our name after seeing it in a bathroom or bar, they may be more tempted to want to see us and find out what we are about,” bassist Drew Shelnutt said.

As a six-piece band, The Organic Androids attribute their sound to the equal contribution of material from band members and the fusion of musical backgrounds.

“We try to take our musical styles, and it’s like feeding it into a machine,” singer-songwriter Jeremy Moulder said. “We each put our individual style into the machine and what comes out is The Organic Androids. You take six different puzzle pieces, put them together, and it makes for an awesome thing.”

The band is currently working on an independently produced full-length album that will attempt to bridge the gap that separates music from visual art. A graphic novel designed by the band’s artistic director John “Squash” Williamson will accompany the debut concept album. The graphic novel will be an artistic statement of purpose, and the goal is to give fans a more interactive experience with the music and lyrics.

“We don’t force anything,” Moulder said. “There is always material.”

Along with an extensive list of original songs, The Organic Androids also attempt to incorporate covers and melodies designed to get the crowd up and moving.

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