112th SGA inaugurated in front of Gorgas House Museum

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The University of Alabama Student Government Association swore in the members of the 112th SGA in a 25-minute inaugural ceremony on April 4 in front of the Gorgas House Museum.  

During the meeting, former Chief Justice Caleb Thome swore in the new chief justice, Abby Morthland. Morthland then swore in the eight executive officers, including SGA President Collier Dobbs, and the 50 senators elected during the spring 2023 General Election. The chief justice also swore in designates for the Student Judiciary.  

After the senators were sworn in, the executive officers were called individually to do the same. Dobbs’ inauguration was completed first, after which he gave a speech promising better collaboration and outreach.  

“It’s my responsibility to ensure that, when faced with a common challenge, my administration will create initiatives and programs that will institute long-lasting change, and not just a Band-Aid or short-term solution,” Dobbs said.  

The president also thanked former SGA President Madeline Martin for her mentorship and leadership. In her departing speech, Martin thanked her partners in the SGA who supported her during her term and praised Dobbs as a “hard worker” and someone who she is “grateful to pass the torch” to.  

In an interview after the ceremony, Dobbs said that as SGA President, he first wants to establish connections with administration and lay the foundation for his presidency’s goals. 

“I’m here to make some change and help students out … and give them opportunities to connect,”  Dobbs said. “I think … what makes the University of Alabama so great is our ability to connect with each other.”  

During his campaign, he said he intended to equip students with the resources necessary to realize their full potential. At the SGA Presidential Debate, Dobbs said he promoted creating an SGA fashion show and an SGA Olympics to emphasize student collaboration.