SGA allocates over $83,000 to student organizations in February

Alex Gravlee, Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association Senate voted to unanimously allocate over $83,000 to 22 student organizations for February.  

The Financial Affairs Committee presented the funding requests at the Feb. 9 senate session. Thirty student organizations requested $123,311 total. 

The deadline to submit a funding request was Jan. 22, while the President and Advisor Approval deadline was Jan. 29. 

The groups that were granted the most funding were the UA Mock Trial Association, the UA Exercise Physiology Club and The Federalist Society. The Mock Trial Association and Exercise Physiology Club were both granted $6,915 each out of the $7,500 requested. The Federalist Society was funded $6,260 out of the $6,788 requested.  

The maximum amount of funding student organizations can request is $7,500.  

Eight organizations that applied were not eligible for funding because the approval for their funding requests wasn’t completed before the FAC deadline. The funding requested by these organizations totaled $24,856. 

The organization that requested the most funding was Men’s Wheelchair Basketball with $10,000. However, they were denied funding because their request wasn’t approved in time. 

Among the groups that were denied funding were Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, the Alabama Hockey Club and Alabama Astrobotics.  

After review, the FAC subtracted $7,039, or 7.79% of the approved funding due to budgetary constraints. 

The only eligible organization that was denied funding was the Conservation Biology Society, which requested funding for equipment. The FAC denied the organization funding because they requested the “same items” in Fall 2022 and “did not use the funding.”  

The next FAC meeting will be held on March 6. Student organizations must submit their funding requests by midnight on Feb. 19 to be eligible.