Our View: Zimmerman for vice president for External Affairs

Our View

For the position of vice president for External Affairs, the editorial board endorses Kyle Zimmerman. His goals were extensive and detailed, and many have already left the planning stages, entering the implementation stages. Improving off-campus housing and holding landlords responsible, as well as Tuscaloosa recycling projects, are two of the many plans he outlined to the editorial board. His opponents, Jimmy Taylor and Jeff Elrod, are also strong candidates, and each had extensive ideas as well. Taylor’s platform includes projects like Beat Auburn Beat Cancer and initiating tornado relief in areas outside of Tuscaloosa. His relationship with the City of Tuscaloosa officials also gives him greater potential for city and campus unity. Elrod has strong relationships with state officials, which would bring greater possibilities to the scope of impact UA SGA has. Elrod is also one of the few independent candidates running in this year’s SGA election, and despite the lack of greek support he faces, represents many areas of the UA campus. Yet while Elrod focused on state government involvement, both Zimmerman and Taylor focused mainly on the relationship between the City of Tuscaloosa and the campus, which we believe is currently the greater focus. All three candidates have extensive plans and strong platforms, but Kyle Zimmerman’s detailed and feasible projects, as well as his eager attitude to serve the city and campus, make him the strongest candidate.

Our View is the consensus of The Crimson White editorial board.